my birthday is comming!!!!!

  1. Birthday list

    DS games

    Unsolved crimes
    Sims city creator
    Skate it
    Sims 2 apartment pets
    Cake mania 2
    Ninja guidance – Dragon sword
    Fantasy aquarium
    Age of empires- mythologies
    Zoo tycoon 2

    Gift cards

    wall mart
    food lion
    track phone minute cards
    Webkinz - most wanted to least

    2.Fantail fish
    3.lil’ white mouse
    5.bottlenose dolphin
    6.lil’ lioness
    7.caramel lion
    8.Series 2 trading cards

go to and click on webkinz catlog and scroll down to see the webkinz I want and click on the different tabs under webkinz catolog to see what i want!

Have a great day, Torrie Dalgo

This is some of the art I made on the computer!

My Cat Thorn

My Thorny Boy!

My cat's name is Thorn! He is a gray and white cat and is funny. He does the regular outside cat stuff like climbing trees, messing with my dog, and chasing off the other dogs and cats.

My Family

My Crazy dad!
ME and my mom!

My dad and the shark!

My family is wierd! My Dad plays the guitar and paints houses. My mom stays at home to watch the baby. My little sister is soooooooo cute she has the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen!

Little Dalgo


Boo Sleeping
Cuddling Time!
Ahhhhhh Look at that face!
She is adorable!

These are some pictures of my dog Boo!