my birthday is comming!!!!!

  1. Birthday list

    DS games

    Unsolved crimes
    Sims city creator
    Skate it
    Sims 2 apartment pets
    Cake mania 2
    Ninja guidance – Dragon sword
    Fantasy aquarium
    Age of empires- mythologies
    Zoo tycoon 2

    Gift cards

    wall mart
    food lion
    track phone minute cards
    Webkinz - most wanted to least

    2.Fantail fish
    3.lil’ white mouse
    5.bottlenose dolphin
    6.lil’ lioness
    7.caramel lion
    8.Series 2 trading cards

go to and click on webkinz catlog and scroll down to see the webkinz I want and click on the different tabs under webkinz catolog to see what i want!

Have a great day, Torrie Dalgo

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